LGBTQ+A is an initialism that stands for

L               Lesbian

G              Gay

B               Bisexual

T               Transgender 

Q              Queer/Questioning

A               Architecture

LGBTQ+A is an organization that focus on the space for LGBTQ community. Our goal is to create a more friendly and inclusive world through designs, researches and actions. We believe designers and architects could build a better world for LGBTQ group through their works. Our research topics are related to architecture for LGBTQ group, inclusive urban infrastructure, LGBTQ city and LGBTQ art projects. 

We build social trust and social connection. We bring LGBTQ people together physically, emotionally and intellectually. 

We set up LGBTQ+A as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to create better architecture, city and world for LGBTQ community.



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