Take the gender out of it

Thoughts from a grad student in NYC

"It is important to include the transgender and gender non-binary community, but I also wonder why make the bathrooms gendered at all? Why not take a page out of some spaces in Japan and Korea and just have a restroom with some quiet rooms off of it to accommodate safe, quiet spaces?"

"I would just have a restroom. Take the gender out of it. Off of the main restroom, there would also be quiet rooms to replace the safety sense one might take from being among their own identity. "

"Color is definitely one field of suggestion to break the steel/glass monotony that symbolizes homogeneity and custom. Break into the artistic aesthetic a bit more and generate open spaces that encourage internal identity before external ones - spaces that bring us together based on common knowledge, interests, or events rather than based on common visual aesthetic. Something almost like the subway that is the great equalizer in that regardless of place, position, or status, everyone takes it side-by-side. "

"I like the feeling of Provincetown and Fire Island. The Golden Gai in Tokyo and the gay district in Osaka near Umeda is great too. These spaces are open to everyone, not just the gay community. Part of what makes them great is their inclusiveness and that they encourage everyone to almost shamelessly be themselves. In that concept, there is something for everyone mashed together in one common space. You might see a drag queen and her entourage, a businessman in a suit, two women sharing drinks over a bachelorette party, and a bunch of guys watching a sports games all within one square mile."


"As someone who finds a lot in common with many different communities, these universally accepting spaces are a very important measure for exploring my own identity that has little bits and pieces from so many communities put together. "

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